Ft. Stevens State Park, Oregon Coast

Woke up to more rain and went to Safeway but when I returned the rain stopped and the sun was out so it was another day to visit another outside site.

Fort Steven State Park. It’s a large park which included the Historic area of the old fort. It was used from the Civil War up the WW II. It is located at the mouth of the Columbia River when it empties into the Pacific Ocean. A Japanese Submarine was spotted off the shore and fired on. ThisSTA_0843 area included many ruins.     STA_0845









Another area of the park had an old ship wreak. IMG_0849 STB_0847







And my favorite part is a viewing platform where the ocean and river meet. There is a jetty that extends out into the area where the ocean and river join. Beautiful sea and surf.



IMG_0855 IMG_0854 IMG_0853








We completed out day with a lunch/dinner at Costco!!

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Just goofing off

John wanted to do some work and the weather wasn’t great so I decided to go to the outlets – there is an outlet center just up the road. It was fun and I only bought a drying mat and an electric chopper at the Kitchen Collection store. There is no sales tax in Oregon so its nice to shop here.

We decided to go to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner – Nick Russell suggested El Mariachi Loco just up the road. It was great. Good food, service and price.

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Astoria, OR

Our friend Nick Russell from the Gypsy Journal wrote about Astoria, OR. Sounded like a must visit for us. The visitor’s center was very helpful.

The trolly was not running but we explored on our own. First we went to Pier 39 which was a cannery museum – it explained how tuna and salmon were canned. Important industry for the area. It was a Bumblebee Brand Cannery . Very interesting and it was free.

Here are some pictures from the pier.IMG_0796 IMG_0800


Two other great things to see in Astoria are the Film Museum which is house in old jail. Of course we had to visit the old jail. Here is John getting his mug shot. IMG_0807IMG_0814

The other interesting place is the Flaver House. Beautiful restored Victoria Home – and to thinIMG_0815k they were going to tear it down and turn it into a I parkingIMG_0816 lot.

I know we will be returning to Astoria.



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Seaside, OR

We’ve so many positive things about the Oregon Coast, we decided to continue our adventure and travel south along the Coast.

Our first campground is a Thousand Trails park – Seaside. Great campground with large sites. Quiet.IMG_0795

Seaside is an interesting shore town. There is a cement promenade along the beach and all the little shops are along Broadway. IMG_0785-001We did some exploring and found the Lewis and Clark statue at the end of the “turnaround” and also found the Lewis and Clark salt works. IMG_0787-001Of course we also saw the Pacific Ocean. Waves were very rough due to an incoming storm.IMG_0794 IMG_0789IMG_0791 So much more to explore – glad we’re here for 2 more weeks.

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Back in the early 70’s I made a road trip to Florida with dear friends Fran and Tom. One of our first stops was Marineland. At the time it had shows and exhibits.

Maineland is still in business but no shows. It has dolphin encounters where you can feed the dolphins or swim with them. We decided to take the “Behind the Seas” tour. Interesting history. Saw many dolphin and one named Nellie who is 60 years old! Looks pretty good.

Some pictures to share.


Feeding and checking.


Beach at Marineland


Each dolphin gets it’s own food. The B on the bucket is for Betty

Nellie she is 60 years old!

And here is Nellie — 60 years old.

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Bulow Sugar Plantation Ruins

Right next door to our campground is the Ruins of Bulow Sugar Plantation. It’s a state park. Weather was good on Sunday so we went exploring. The ruins are the sugar mill only and only a few blocks are left from the house foundation.


Wow 1831


River was used to transport the finished sugar product


The sugar mill was burned by the Indians


At the time the salt marsh had rice fields. The other fields were used to grow sugar cane.

IMG_0596 IMG_0597 IMG_0599

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Daytona Beach

Could not go to Daytona without checking out the “world famos Daytona Beach”. So after the tour we decided to take the scenic A1A route tour.

Pictures of Daytona Beach to share.

Dayton Beach

Dayton Beach


Hope all my friends in the northeast and SD are enjoying the cold and snow!

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Daytona Speedway Tour

As we were traveling to Bulow Plantation RV resort we saw a billboard advertising Daytona Speedway tour. We are not NASCAR fans but it sounded interesting. So on Wednesday we decided to drive back to Daytona and take the all access tour at Daytona tours.

The tour we chose was the 90 minute all access tour. Great tour – went around the area in a tram.

Picture to share.


Love to park my RV here during the Datona 500

Love to park my RV here during the Datona 500



Expansion in progress

Expansion in progress


The winners platform

The winners platform


imagin going 190 mph around this 90 degree banked turn

imagine going 190 mph around this 90 degree banked turn


2013 winning car Daytona 500

2013 winning car Daytona 500


Think we’ll watch the Daytona 500 this year.

So if you are a race fan or just interested take a tour.

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Flagler Beach

Decided to go to Bulow Plantation RV Resort – it’s part of our Thousand Trails Elite package so there is no charge.

Large Campground and nice – but not as nice as Hart Ranch! We are parked right next to the activity center. Decided to take a drive to the ocean. Yes the Atlantic is still there!

This area is nice – not too crowded.

Here’s a photo of Flagler Beach.

Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach

The sand’s color is cinnamon.

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Medina Lake and the deer. March 2013

We decided to go to the Thousand Trails Campground at Medina Lake. This park is about 40 miles outside of San Antonio, TX. The lake is almost empty since Texas is experiencing a drought.

There is not much around here unless you want to drive 20 to 30 miles. We did find a good Mexican Restaurant and the cafe here is good and open on the weekends.

The main entertainment is the deer. First day we were here we went and bought a 50 lb bag of deer pelletsIMG_0334. It is like deer corn – which they love but has extra nutrients.

We also added a 5 gallon bucket and filled it with water.


I  put 2 bowls out by the front door of the MH and several bowls and plates on the side so I could sit at the table and watch them out the window.


IMG_0346 IMG_0349 IMG_0348 IMG_0347 IMG_0346 Several were so brave that they would come up to me as I was getting the food out of the car and yes eat out of my hand. I didn’t want to encourage that since they are wild animals not pets!


We went through one bag of food and bought anothere 50 lb bag. We fed them twice a day. The largest group we counted were 25, Here is my favorite!



We will be leaving on Monday and have to say good-bye to the deer!


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