Astoria, OR

Our friend Nick Russell from the Gypsy Journal wrote about Astoria, OR. Sounded like a must visit for us. The visitor’s center was very helpful.

The trolly was not running but we explored on our own. First we went to Pier 39 which was a cannery museum – it explained how tuna and salmon were canned. Important industry for the area. It was a Bumblebee Brand Cannery . Very interesting and it was free.

Here are some pictures from the pier.IMG_0796 IMG_0800


Two other great things to see in Astoria are the Film Museum which is house in old jail. Of course we had to visit the old jail. Here is John getting his mug shot. IMG_0807IMG_0814

The other interesting place is the Flaver House. Beautiful restored Victoria Home – and to thinIMG_0815k they were going to tear it down and turn it into a I parkingIMG_0816 lot.

I know we will be returning to Astoria.



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