Alcatraz, San Francisco, Ca March 31, 2011

Alcatraz has been on our bucket list for many years and we finally made the trip. We have visited all the large historical prisons in the US and many of the smaller prisons also.

The weather was perfect. We decided to drive in from  Morgan Hill since we are not paying a daily rate there. Its a 75 mile drive. We got a great parking spot in an inside lot for only $10.00 for the whole day – early bird special. From what I heard about parking this was a bargain and only 2 piers from the Alcatraz pier.

We already had our tickets for the 10:30 cruise to the island so we boarded the boat with no problems.

There was a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge from the boat

Then we saw the Island!

Alcatraz was once a Fort then it was a military prison. In 1934, it became a federal maximum security penitentiary. Because of cost and upkeep it was closed in 1963. It only housed a maximum of 302 prisoners – the worst of the worst.

This is the dock area – the building was once a military barracks and a then apartments were added for the guard’s families – in the background you can see the  cell-house, the lighthouse and the ruins of the warden’s house.

This is the shower room. There were no stalls – they were removed so the guards could keep a better eye on the prisoners.

Here are some of the cells. There was only one prisoner to a cell. Of course there is John all locked up – Jean couldn’t lock him in since the cell doors don’t close. Darn!








We saw the ruins of the social hall. When the military was on the island this was the post exchange/officers club then it became a social club for the families staying on the island.The island is also a bird sanctuary and this is the nesting time of year so many areas are closed. But here is one gull who made a nest on a post!

Well our visit was over and it was time  to take the boat back to the mainland and pick up our car.

We stopped at In and Out burgers on the way home. They have the best fries. Indy was fine after being left all day!

To see all the pictures click here to go to the web album

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  1. Indy's Mom says:

    Thanks for the positive – its great to get feedback on the blog

  2. Madilyn says:

    Nice blog! Great photos of Alcatraz from all the best views. You had a picture-perfect weather day. Like that you wrote about the history of the island to go with the pictures. Btw, John looked quite comfortable behind bars…lol! Love the photo of Indy at the top of the blog.

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